Better Interface for Gmail

Make Gmail BetterDo you want to customize the Gmail interface to your liking and strip away the ads? The Firefox extension, Gmelius, will do that and much more.  It is the sleekest Gmail related add-on for Firefox I have seen in a long time.

Here are some of the things you can use Gmelius to edit or customize:

  • Remove all ads in Gmail
  • Add a scroll to top functionality à la Google+ when clicking on the Gmail header
  • Back to Inbox by clicking on Google logo
  • Automatic De-obfuscation of email addresses
  • Remove Status of your contacts in Chat
  • Add a subtle row highlight, compatible with Preview Pane
  • Make Header (i.e. Search Block and Logo) auto-expandable
  • Remove the “People Widget” and use the space left to read/write your emails
  • Add text to navigation icons such as “Archive”, “Spam”, “Delete”
  • Colourize navigation icons such as “Archive”, “Spam”, “Delete”, etc.
  • Remove Chat
  • Remove Status of your contacts in Chat
  • Remove scroll bars in Chat and Preview Pane (Lab)
  • Remove Footer
  • Remove “Consider including” when writing your emails
  • Apply same font/color/size to all the messages in your inbox
  • Add attachment icons, eg .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. (google icons or Microsoft icons)
  • Move labels of your messages from the left to the right or your inbox
  • Move attachment icons from the right to the left or your inbox

If you do not see the changes right off, usually reloading Gmail will work.  To be kept updated, follow Gmelius on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Over all, I would say that this add-on for Firefox works wonders when it comes to giving Gmail a better interface, without taking out many of the features that really DO work inside of this excellent web-based email platform.

Want to pick this add-on up? You can download Gmelius from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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