Make Facebook Better with SocialFixer

Fix FacebookI use Facebook a lot, both for work and for play – so if there is anything I can do to make my Facebook browsing experience better, I am all for it.  That is where SocialFixer comes into play.  This is a fantastic extension for Firefox that fixes tons of annoyances with Facebook.  You have full control over which ones you use and which ones you do not, so let me dive a little deeper into some of the tweaks you can make.

There is no way I could do this great extension justice in just one post, but I’ll do my best to hit on all the high points. 

Tabbed News Feeds

You can easily move posts from certain people or pages to specific tabs on the news feed page on Facebook.  This makes it easier to categorize what you are reading.  For example, you could leave posts you are interested in reading on the Home tab and then move others to another tab.

New Facebook Themes

Tired of the lack of color or backgrounds on Facebook? The themes section of this add-on will let you setup specific layouts, styles and images. You can really personalize Facebook to look the way you want it to.

Super Advanced Feed Filters

Getting back to the topic of filtering Facebook down to only the things you want to see, the advanced feed filters give you full control over what stories you see or hide. Now you can specify such specific rules as hiding one type of story, only if posted by a few specified users, and only if they contain a specific key word.

Hide Posts You’ve Seen Before

Tired of scrolling down Facebook only to find you are looking at the same post you saw this morning or last night? SocialFixer includes a feature that will let you hide posts you have already seen. Only new stories will be shown by default.

Here are a handful of other features I liked:

  • Enlarge Thumbnails on Hover
  • Highlight New Comments
  • Quick Links to Pages and Events
  • Notifications of Un-friending
  • Enhanced Left Column Navigation
  • Automatically Retrieve Older Posts

Want to pick this extension up for Firefox yet? You can do so by pointing your browser towards –

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  1. Robert Feb/08 at 12:04 pm #

    Better yet, there a script for use with Greasemonkey/Scriptish available at