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All Tabs Helper ReviewWork with a lot of tabs? Then you have probably seen the All Tabs menu (the menu at the right of the tabs bar) a whole lot. This bar allows you to manipulate tabs – but there isn’t too much you can do by default.  One add-on that changes that is called All Tabs Helper. It gives you much more functionality to this heavily used Firefox feature.

Here are some of the features that this extension sports:

  • Page up/page down/home/end for quick scrolling of All Tabs menu
  • Option to open new tab next to the currently selected one
  • Ability to limit the width of the All Tabs menu
  • When opening All Tabs menu, list autoscrolls to display current tab
  • Can switch to search mode just by typing (while All Tabs menu is open)
  • Hide Firefox items which show up at the top of the All Tabs menu, such as Tab Groups
  • Don’t load tabs until selected option available on all versions from Firefox 5 and up
  • Load all tabs
  • Unload all tabs
  • Load/unload groups of selected tabs
  • Unloaded tabs are decorated using a grey-out affect, both in the All Tabs menu, and the Tabs Bar
  • Option of a simpler styling of the buttons in the All Tabs menu header

Want to give this add-on a shot? You can download it from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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2 Responses to All Tabs Helper

  1. Albert Feb/12 at 1:09 pm #

    “Tree Style Tabs”!

    Review that one!