Search Specific Sites from the Address Bar

Search Keywords in FirefoxBy using smart keywords, you can search specific websites right from the Firefox location bar. Rather than going to that website, finding the search box and typing in your thing you want to search – you can type the keyword and your search quarry right in the location bar.

For example, if you are search on YouTube a lot – you can set up a smart keyword to enable searching YouTube from the location bar. To search for my Minecraft videos on YouTube, you could simply type this string into the location toolbar:

yt mitchkeeler

So how do you get this set up?

To create a smart keyword:

  1. Visit the page on the target website that has the search field that you would normally use to search the site.
  2. Right-click on the search field. Select Add a Keyword for this Search….
  3. The Add Bookmark dialog appears. Enter an appropriate name for the bookmark (e.g. “YouTube”). Create a keyword (e.g. “yt”).
  4. Select the bookmark folder to contain the smart keyword. Click OK.

To use the created smart bookmark, enter the keyword and the search string in the Location bar and then press Enter.

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One Response to Search Specific Sites from the Address Bar

  1. Daniel Feb/28 at 7:55 am #

    Good one Mitch!

    What ways do you recommend to backup/restore your bookmarks and not lose those ‘keywords’ that you so patiently setup? Mozbackup is the only one i can think of.