Add Achievements to Firefox

Cheevos for FirefoxHave you ever thought that using Firefox would be more fun if it had achievements? You know, the type of rewards you get when playing a game – such as “dead eye” when getting your one hundredth headshot in a first person shooter.   Cheevos for Firefox will add such a system to the browser.

Here is a little more about the extension from the developer:

With Cheevos for Firefox, you will gain achievements for using Firefox. Whether it’s finding hidden Easter eggs within the product, or taking advantage of the power of the world’s fastest, most extensible, most personalizable, and most friendly web browser, Cheevos for Firefox will surprise and make using the web browser more fun than ever. Varying levels of points are awarded based on the difficulty of acquiring an achievement. See how many points you can collect!

While a lot of this is purely done for fun, I do see another use for it.  It would make for a great learning tool to use if you are teaching a small child or an elder how to use an internet browser for the first time.  Want to give Cheevos a shot? You can download it from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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