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IdentFavIcons Revew

You know what I find as an annoyance? Looking through my bookmarks – each one with it’s own favicon except those three at the bottom!  If you are as organized and seek balance as much as I do, I bet you have found yourself in the same boat.  Thankfully, IdentFavIcon will automatically generate favicons for those websites out there that do not have one.

Here is a little more information about IdentFavIcon from the developers:

IdentFavIcon is based on the idea of Don Park called identicon to generate visually pleasing and easily recognizable icons from identifiers, such as IP addresses. This extension replaces the default favicon for web pages without one with a visually pleasing identicon, which is unique for each domain. The extension uses the CRC-32 code of the web page’s domain name to seed the identicon renderer.

This is a really helpful add-on that solves a pretty simple problem.  There is nothing you need to configure and once installed, it all just works.

Want to pick up IdentFavIcon? You can download it from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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