Rainbow Color Tools

Rainbow Color ToolsIf you do a lot of website development or graphic art work, you might find yourself looking for specific shades of colors.  The Rainbow Color Tools add-on for Firefox will make that job easier. It extracts the color scheme from any website so you can get a closer look.

Here are the various parts of Rainbow Color Tools:

  • Analyzer – Extracts the color scheme from the current website’s images and CSS.
  • Picker – HSV color picker.
  • Inspector – Retrieves the color of any pixel on the browser. Copy color on click. Save color on right click.
  • Library – Filter through saved colors by tag or the url of the page the color was found on. Sort by hue, date saved, and other metrics.

Colors can be tried out on websites by dragging a color area from the picker or library to webpage content, or by selecting an element to paint with the color picker. Color values can be viewed in hex, rgb, and hsl CSS formats. Want to learn more? You can download Rainbow Color Tools from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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