Auto-Sort Bookmarks

I am a very organized person, so if I can bring my organizational needs to the browser with a great add-on – then call me a happy guy.  Auto-Sort Bookmarks is a great extension for Firefox that sorts bookmarks alphabetically for you.  This extension has options to automatically sort bookmarks, sort the bookmarks bar and specify the sort order.  Auto-Sort Bookmarks considers separators, so that it sorts bookmarks between separators.

Here are some of the great features this add-on brings to the table:

  • Autosort : if this option is enabled, the bookmarks will be sorted when Firefox is opened, when the options dialog is closed and when bookmarks are added, changed, moved or deleted.
    This means you cannot move any bookmarks in the same folder, unless it is moved over a separator.
  • Sort bookmark bar : if this option is enabled, the bookmark bar will be sorted, otherwise, it will be ignored when sorting.
  • Sort Order : this option specify the order in which the bookmarks are sorted. For instance, it is possible to sort folders before live bookmarks, smart bookmarks and bookmarks.
    It is possible to put two bookmark types at the same level so that they will be sorted together.

Want to learn more? You can download Auto-Sort Bookmarks from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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