F.B. Purity

65740Want to hide application spam and other annoying clutter from your Facebook page? This great add-on, F.B. Purity lets you increase the font size, and generally makes Facebook a lot less annoying to use.

Here is a list of the different message types you can hide:

Sponsored Posts, Suggested Posts, Facebook Questions, Became friends with, Liked page (became a fan), Joined a group, Upcoming Events, Attending an event, Attended an event, Created an event, Changed location (Facebook Places), Updated profile, Hide All Photos, Hide All Videos, Hide YouTube Videos, Changed profile picture, Updated Cover Photo, Changed relationship, Commented on Status, likes status, Uploaded photo, Tagged in, likes or commented on photo, Tagged in, Likes / Commented/ Tagged in album, Uploaded video, Tagged in video, Posted a link, Commented on link, Likes link, Posted a note, Tagged in note, Commented / wrote on wall, Read an article, Trending Articles, Trending Videos

Fluff Busting Purity aka F.B. Purity adds a small information bar at the top of your Facebook homepage / news feed. It tells you how many application messages its hidden and also how many other “extra” message types (which you can specify in the options screen) its hidden. The options screen is accessible by clicking the F.B. Purity link in the previously mentioned information bar.

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