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Self-Destructing Cookies

Self-Destructing Cookies ReviewSelf-Destructing Cookies is not just a cookie manager, it’s a new cookie policy. Do you think that cookies should need a reason to persist in your cookie jar, i.e. you currently interacting with the site that set them? Would you prefer your cookie jar to be empty in its steady state, except for a few sites that you care about? Are you worried about unconventional tracking methods? Then give this add-on a try.

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RequestPolicy ReviewWant a little more control over your browsing? RequestPolicy is an extension that improves the privacy and security of your browsing by giving you control over when cross-site requests are allowed by webpages you visit.

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Tube Enhancer Plus

Tube Enhancer Plus ReviewNow you can easily take control over all things YouTube! Tube Enhancer Plus is a great add-on for Firefox that gives you a lot of more tools to use while surfing YouTube. It adds a button under almost all the YouTube videos, the channels, and the playlists. It also adds a button to your browser, on the right side of the search-field, that allows you to open the sidebar without the need to go on YouTube to do it. If the location does not suit you, you can move this button anywhere you want.

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Take A Break Timer

Need to take a break? The Take A Break add-on for Firefox will help remind you when it is time to take a break when you are browsing around the Web. For people like me that work from home – this is a handy little tool to have to remind me when I need to get up and stretch my legs.

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Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement SuiteWant to enhance your Reddit browsing experience? The Reddit Enhancement Suite is a really nice collection of tools and tweaks to Reddit that makes using the social link posting service a lot better.  It is the best way to stay in control of your Reddit experience. With the newly redesigned settings console, you can tweak RES until it has the perfect set of customizations to suit your style.

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Pinguin Theme for Firefox

Pinguin Theme

If you are looking for a little more custom theme based around penguins – check out the Pinguin theme for Firefox.  The icons for this theme are a little on the large side, but you can set them up to be a ‘bit smaller if needed.   For those people out there that love penguins, this theme is for you!

Download the Pinguin Theme for Firefox!


Converter ReviewThis great add-on for Firefox will convert units, timezones and currencies on any web page — and you also get a shopping assistant finding the best prices for you! (Currency conversions and the shopping assistant are disabled by default, but you can enable and disable them at any time.)

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