DblClicker – Double Click to a New Tab!

DblClicker Review for FirefoxDblClicker is a very light extension designed to help browsing experience by enabling double-click action to open links in new tab.  This is an add-on for Firefox that is designed to save you time.  We all hate to have to right-click to open a link in a new tab.  This add-on eliminates that step.

Here are some of the features of DblClicker:

  • • Double-click Link to open in new tab.
    • Double-click Bookmark/History to open in new tab.
    • Autohide sidebar Bookmark/History after selection – according to DblClicker Options.
    • Double-click Bookmarks toolbar buttons and back-forward menu to open in new tab.
    • Double-click tab action – according to DblClicker Options
           Duplicate Tab – default || Close Tab || None – avoid conflicts when using other tab clicking extensions.
    • New tab will open in front/background for Links, Bookmarks/History according to FF preferences/DblClicker Options.

Like what you see? You can pick up DblClicker from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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One Response to DblClicker – Double Click to a New Tab!

  1. Silas Mann Jul/17 at 12:22 pm #

    Just click middle mouse button.