Enhance Your Mouse’s Middle Click!

Enhanced Middle Click Review for FirefoxThe add-on, Enhanced Middle Click, will display history menu, tab list menu or toggle various sidebars with middle mouse button. I often forget my mouse has a middle mouse button (I use the scroll wheel a lot though) however, this neat little add-on for Firefox has made me see things differently.

Here are some of the added actions for the middle mouse button:

  • Tab History menu
  • Display menu of currently visible tabs (current tab group)
  • Display menu of all tabs by groups (pinned tabs as their own group)
  • Toggle History sidebar
  • Toggle Bookmarks sidebar
  • Toggle Downloads sidebar

The middle mouse button is rarely used for anything more than opening and closing tabs. With this add-on you can assign additional action like displaying tab history menu, tab list menu or toggle various sidebars. You can pick up the Enhanced Middle Click add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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