Blackout – Easier Reading in Firefox

Blackout Text for Easier Reading

Want to have an easier time reading webpages? Try Blackout. This great extension for Firefox will dim the proverbial lights on Firefox to make reading webpages a lot easier. A white background with black text can be really hard on your eyes after a while.  This add-on flips those colors for easier reading.

Here is a little more about Blackout from the add-on developer:

If you are browsing in a dark environment, then it is very bad for your eyes to read pages with white background. This plugin helps you by turning the webpage to a dark color scheme. The “Stay in the dark” function enables you to automatically darken the page when you click on a link and the page loads. Links and headers gets different color then text.

Want to learn more? You can pick up Blackout from the Firefox Add-on website.

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