RE-enable Enable JavaScript

SettingSanity ReviewOver time Mozilla adds and removes features from Firefox that we all love or hate. SettingSanity is an add-on that will add back a few of those features you might have missed. SettingSanity is a solution to the inane removal of some of the most useful features in Firefox. It also adds the option of toolbar buttons for toggling Images and JavaScript without opening the Options window.

Personally I feel like this was Mozilla trying to simplify the options in Firefox. However, these options are some that people really loved.  The Content pane sees a return to the ever-useful “Load images automatically” and “Enable JavaScript” checkboxes, along with their respective “Exceptions” and “Advanced” buttons and dialogs. The Tabs pane gets its “Always show the tab bar” checkbox back, and support for the config “browser.tabs.autoHide” preference is returned to normal.

Want to grab this great Firefox add-on? You can get SettingSanity at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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