Smartest Bookmarks Bar

Smartest Bookmarks Bar Review

This add-on removes text associated with your bookmarks and folders and gives you placement controls over bookmarks extending the functionality and usability of the Bookmarks Toolbar. Your Bookmarks Toolbar is now very Roomy and Smart!

Smartest Bookmarks Bar is smart about giving you as much flexibility and control over your bookmarks as possible. With Smartest Bookmarks Bar you can:

  • Hide the names of Bookmarks on your Bookmarks Toolbar,
  • Hide the names of Folders on your Bookmarks Toolbar,
  • Adjust the space between the bookmark’s favicons so they fit nicely on the Bookmarks Toolbar or let Smartest Bookmarks Bar adjust the space for you,
  • Auto-hide the entire Bookmarks Toolbar to make the browsing window more roomy, and
  • Align the remaining favicon buttons on the Bookmarks Toolbar to the left, right or center.

You can pick up the Smartest Bookmarks Bar from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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