Facebook Addict Alarm

Facebook Addict Alarm

Facebook is a silent addiction. The “Facebook Addict Alarm” app alerts you every time you spend more than 15 minutes on the site and reminds you to avoid use of Facebook ! Now you can enjoy social network without forgetting your work and deadlines.

Here is how the Facebook Addict Alarm works:

1. Once you open an FB tab the time-counter starts.
2. After 15 minutes it will show you a pop-up with an “Ok” and “Cancel” button.
3. If you click on “Ok” , all your FB tabs will close.
4. If you click on “Cancel”, the pop-up will close and you will get a pop-up again after 15 min.

Want to give it a shot? You can pick up the Facebook Addict Alarm from the Firefox Add-on website.

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