Auto Hide Toolbars

Auto Hide ToolbarsWant to hide the pesky toolbars in Firefox? The add-on, Toolbar Autohide, enables automatic hiding of toolbars (tabs, navigation, bookmarks and add-on bar) via context menu options. When hiding, toolbars will appear when the mouse is at the top of the window or when activated by keyboard (e.g. Ctrl-l, Ctrl-k, F10).

Here are a few more features of Toolbar Autohide:

  • Always show tabs and autohide other toolbars
  • Option to show when a tab title has changed
  • Option to show on events such as tab change and URL change
  • Configurable transition times for appearing / disappearing
  • Configurable delay before hiding
  • Showing Firefox menu button or bar in fullscreen (Windows)
  • Showing add-on bar in fullscreen
  • Auto-hiding the add-on bar

Want to learn more? You can pick up Toolbar Autohide from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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