4 Most Popular Tab Extensions You Can’t LIVE Without!

We all love using tabs in our browsers and Firefox was the first browser to really let you do more things with them.  Sure other browsers have tried to duplicate but few can really do it as well as the Firefox community.  Here are four of my favorite and popular tab extensions you can not live without.

Tab Mix Plus

It has been a long time since I have taken a look at Tab Mix Plus.  I know a lot of people who use it, and it continues to be one of the most popular Firefox add-ons out there.  So the first question to ask is, what makes it so darn special? Well, the main […]

Colorful Firefox Tabs

Need help distinguishing which tab is which in Firefox? OK, maybe telling where one tab ends and another begins really is not that hard.  However, it would help if each tab was colored.  ColorfulTabs, one of my favorite add-ons for the Firefox browser – does that with style.

Tab Scope – Mini Tab Browsing

I like the idea of being able to preview my tabs without clicking on them – but for the power hungry user, sometimes they need more. The Firefox extension Tab Scope promises to deliver in this department. Here are some of the features: Real-time preview of tab contents Navigate (Back/Forward/Reload/Stop) through popup Scroll pages or […]

Reload Every Tab with One Button

Rather than reloading each tab, one by one, wouldn’t you like to reload all your Firefox tabs at once?  Okay, I realize this might not be a need for everybody, which makes it a perfect add-on for the browser.  Reload All allows you reload all the tabs in the window at one go.   Need to […]

Did I miss your favorite? Share it and a little description in the comments!

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