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Worried about what’s going on with your kids while they’re around the computer? Can’t sleep at night worrying about what’s your husband doing on your PC at 2 in the morning? Keylogger can help.

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You’ll only ever be one click away from the latest news on Twoo, the world’s friendliest social discovery platform.  I had never heard of this social platform before, but once you dive in it does offer a lot to your casual web user.

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eBay Sidebar

This is an official eBay add-on for Firefox. The add-on helps you keep an eye on your eBay activity wherever you are on the web when you install the eBay Sidebar for Firefox. It’s a free tool built with eBay users in mind that will help you get more out of your buying and selling on eBay.

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Skip Cert Error

The Skip Cert Error Firefox extension enables skipping the SSL/TLS certificate error page, for specific configurable conditions, like self-signed cert or unknown issuer, by adding a temporary exception.

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Bell of Mindfulness

The add-on, Bell of Mindfulness, delivers a bell that reminds us to breathe and be mindful of our body and mind.

Here is a little more about the add-on from the developers:

In the busy time of our daily life, we let our mind float away to many distractions. We forget about our body, our breath, and our mind; we forget about the unity of our mind and body. In order to remind us of this unification, the bell of mindfulness is meant for us to bring our mind back to our body. When we hear the sound of the bell, please stop what we are doing and take three breaths to bring our mind back to our body. Let this unification happen and be happy in the present moment.

Want to pick it up? You can get the Bell of Mindfulness add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

Gmail Manager

Gmail Manager is the original Gmail notifier for multiple accounts. Allows you to receive new mail notifications along with viewing account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets.

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ProCon Latte Content Filter

ProCon Latte Content Filter is a free content filter for the Firefox browser. It can filter any kind of material (pornography, gambling, hacking, cracking, etc…), it can also block all traffic, making sure that only desired websites (set in the Whitelist) can be accessed, and includes a profanity filter, all *like* a parental control filter.

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