Most Recent Tab

Most Recent Tabs adds a keyboard shortcut to switch back to your most recently selected tab. Useful to alternate between two tabs and to easy go back to your last tab if you switch to another briefly.

Here are some of the newest features in the 0.7 version of the add-on:

  • Updated to work with Firefox up to at least version 24.
  • Changed default shortcut to control-shift-1 or cmd-shift-1 to not interfere with Firefox’s built-in control-` shortcut for tab groups.
  • Added preferences button to Add-on Manager to set shortcut. Unfortunately, old shortcuts will need to be re-entered.

The shortcut is set to Control-shift-1 on Windows and Command-shift-1 on Mac. Want to pick up this add-on? You can do so at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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