You’ll only ever be one click away from the latest news on Twoo, the world’s friendliest social discovery platform.  I had never heard of this social platform before, but once you dive in it does offer a lot to your casual web user.

Here is a little more about Twoo from the developers:

The Twoo community is a fast growing and ever-changing place, so you need to keep up. This extension means you get instantly alerted when something exciting happens on your Twoo profile.

If someone visits you, you’ll know immediately.
If someone likes you, you can head right on over to their page and decide if you like them back.
If someone matches with you, you’ll be able to meet them straight away whilst they’re still online.
If someone sends you a message you can get chatting in real time.

You’ll receive Twoo alerts within your browser, meaning no more logging into your e-mail to find out the latest news, and with one click you’ll be on Twoo, meeting new people. Add the extension to your browser now!

Twoo is a very interesting service and Firefox add-on. If you want to learn more you can do so at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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