Worried about what’s going on with your kids while they’re around the computer? Can’t sleep at night worrying about what’s your husband doing on your PC at 2 in the morning? Keylogger can help.

So how do you use the Keylogger add-on for Firefox?

  1. While on Firefox, please press Alt+L.
  2. Initially, you get a blue mini-popup screen named “Definitions”. Please make sure you fill-in all the fields. The add-on can’t perform properly without!
  3. Now you may open the log file by pressing Alt + L. The ‘Definitions’ popup screen also opens up, in order to let you change your definitions from time to time.

It is a pretty neat idea and great for parents or anybody else that needs to keep tabs.  You can pick up the Keylogger add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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