Edit your css with FireBug and let cssUpdater update the corresponding property and value in your css source file. Pixel push with ease! (Please visit the homepage for more information.)

Here is a little more from the developers of cssUpdater:

cssUpdater contains of this FireFox plugin and a desktop application that runs on Windows and OS X. The desktop application acts as a socket server and listens on your css changes. Then you can choose to sync them all or only a few with the original css files. So no more need of finding the correct CSS file and property to change your sites appearance. This extension really redefines your workflow as a webdeveloper and puts a smile in your face!

So, with this add-on your workflow will be:

  1. Edit your css in FireBug
  2. Sync your changes in cssUpdater
  3. Reload your site to see that your changes is preserved!
  • Works with your favorite text editor or IDE
  • Supports Windows and OSX
  • Backup functionality
  • Integrated into FireBug with “Sync now” button

Want to learn more? You can pick up this add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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