YouTube Auto Replay

Want to keep a YouTube video playing over and over and over again? Try out the YouTube Auto Reply add-on for Firefox. It enables automatic reply of a YouTube video or just a part of a video again and again.

Here is a little ‘bit of what the developer has to say about this add-on:

Enables automatic replay of a YouTube video or watching a part of it again and again… Just click on the “Replay” button under the video, choose the type of the loop and click “Loop it!”

This add-on would have been super handy for me to have when we were planning my soon to be step son’s birthday party.  We were wanting to loop a few Minecraft YouTube videos to play in the background while the party was going on.  Wish I would have found this add-on sooner.  You can pick up the YouTube Auto Reply add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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