Get a faster browsing experience with SpeedFox. Customized new tab and shortcuts to your favorite websites. Open the SpeedFox Overlay on any website with CTRL+Q. No more misspellings in your URLs with the automatic URL fixer.

Here are a few things added in the most recent version:

  • SpeedFox new tab. Fast access to your most visited websites. Customize your blank new tab page with nice looking background images or colors
  • SpeedFox overlay. Open SpeedFox overlay on any website by pressing CTRL+Q
  • SpeedFox shortcuts. Add, edit and manage shortcuts for search and address bar. For example use ‘fb’ for facebook.com
  • No more misspellings in address bar and search bar. SpeedFox automatically redirects you to the correct adress if you type a wrong address.

Want to learn more? You can pick up the SpeedFox extension from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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