AVG Do Not Track

Enhance your online internet privacy, protection and security with AVG Do Not Track! See which websites, applications and Ad Networks are tracking your information (using cookie technology) and choose whether or not to allow it.

Here are the three types of data collection activities recognized by AVG Do Not Track:

  1. Web analytics: These are used to improve the performance and experience of the respective website. Web analytics are allowed by default.
  2. Social buttons: These are designed for improving the social-networking experience. Social buttons are served from the social networks to the site you are visiting and can collect data about your online activity while you are logged-in. Examples of Social buttons include: Facebook Social Plugins, Twitter Button, Google +1. Social buttons are allowed by default.
  3. Ad networks: These collect or share data about your online activity on multiple sites, either directly or indirectly, to offer you personalized ads. This is determined based on the privacy policy of each Ad network as available on their website. Some Ad Networks are blocked by default.

Interested in learning more? You can pick up the AVG Do Not Track add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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