Easy Copy

Copy a page’s details such as its link, title, URL and HTML source with one click so you can paste it anywhere else such as emails, documents, blogs and forums. Copy details of a single page or all open tabs and format text as plain text or HTML.

Here are the features of this add-on for Firefox:

  • Copy a site’s details such as its link, title or URL to the clipboard with one click, ready to paste in any other application.
  • Contains pre-built templates for common purposes, including copying the title as a link, Wiki-format links, BBCode links and more.
  • Copy details across all tabs in the active window or all windows, with the ability to customize how templates appear. See the Copy All Tabs Options.
  • Copy selected text as plain text. See More Template Ideas for how to do this.
  • Copy a page’s URL with one key (Ctrl+Shift+U).
  • Copy HTML source of the whole document or just the selection.
  • Put templates you frequently use in the main context menu so they’re one click away
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to frequently used templates so they’re one key away (Note: Keyconfig is required if you want to manage shortcuts).
  • Create new templates with lots of variables to choose from.

Want to learn more about this add-on? You can pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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