Webmaster SAPE

The Webmaster SAPE toolbar contains a set of functions, which expands the abilities of webmasters and optimizers, when working in the interface of SAPE exchange.

Here are the features available in the optimizers’ interface:

  • Checking of YAP, YAL, GC directly in the exchange interface
  • Ability to display actual PageRank of purchased pages and TIC of websites without waiting for recalculation
  • Checking for paste together of TIC and PageRank of pages with placed links.
  • Selective export of placed links into text file (ticked links are exported)
  • Control of URL of purchased pages and new requests
  • Export of local and global blacklists
  • Export of notifications into text file

Want to learn more about Webmaster SAPE? Pick up this fantastic extension to Firefox at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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