Booly transforms your browser into a powerful shopping tool. Booly is simple to use and helps you save time and money while shopping online. Automatically get the best prices, coupons & promo codes.

Here are some of the features of this add-on for Firefox:

  • Get Lower Price Notifications
    The booly price bar will notify you when a cheaper price is available elsewhere. You can also access technical specifications, related items and accessories. Automatically scans 30,220,700 prices from 3946 merchants in the US and UK. possibly with related deals and coupons for the merchant
  • Never Miss Out On Money Saving Coupons, Deals & Offers
    Booly will automatically notify you if there are any money-saving coupons, free shipping codes and special offers available for the site that you are on, otherwise it will stay hidden.
  • Enhances Your Favorite Search Engine
    Booly will add inline product images and prices next to individual product results. Click to access price comparisons for that item, possibly with related deals and coupons for the merchant. You can get the best price directly from your search results.
  • Enhanced Security And Control
    Booly Uses HTTPS to keep you safe and secure online, want to hide the Booly bar from a particular merchant? No problem, just click the cross located at the top right.

Want to learn more? You can pick up this add-on for Firefox from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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