Enhance Your Amazon Shopping

Tweakazon is the ultimate Amazon enhancer. It instantly adds many tweaks to Amazon including: Large Images, Library Search, Styles, and more. A must have for Amazon users.

Here are some of the general options that this add-on provides:

  • AutoPagerize – Loading next page and inserting into current page
  • Cleaner – Show book info (pub date, ISBN, #pages) closer to the top and removes some stuff
  • Hide Your Name – Make your name invisible when you log in
  • Linky – Inserts 3 icons under the book title, which link to 2 libaries and 1 price comparison site
  • Popup Image – When the mouse is put on the image, a large image is displayed
  • Image Size Changer – Changes product images on Amazon larger
  • Len R’s Well Rounded Search and Text Boxes – Makes text boxes with round corners

Want to learn more? You can pick up Tweakazon from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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