Start to win on Quibids! Bid-Ninja is a browser plugin that allows it’s users to slice through their auction competition on Quibids! You’ll see every competing players total bids used, voucher bids used, net gain/loss and more, and it’s free to use.

Here is more about the add-on from the developers:

Bid-Ninja users are able to see things like every users net gain/loss, a list of every product any competitor has won and lost, how many vouchers bids any competitor has used, when a competitor is going to run out of bids, a list of every single bidder that has bid on any auction, the best day to bid, the best hour to bid, whether products are trending up or down in cost, the average number of bids it takes to win and literally, without exaggeration , so much more….and it shows you all of this information IN REAL TIME!

Interested in learning more? Pick up Bid-Ninja at the Firefox Add-on website.

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