Search Cloudlet for Google, Yahoo and Twitter

Search Cloudlet inserts smart tag clouds into Google / Yahoo / Twitter interface to help you search faster. This free productivity-boosting add-on was featured at LifeHacker, PC World, Website Magazine, etc. Install it now to add magic to your search.

Here is more about this add-on from the developers:

One of the most useful features provided by Search Cloudlet is Tag Cloud for search results. Now there is no need to look through results list to understand what it’s all about. Tag Cloud will show you all the keywords relevant to your search results. And you can easily narrow your search by clicking keywords on the cloud and adding/removing them to/from your query. It’s very simple! Search Cloudlet offers you to experience Hyperlinks 2.0: click a left part of a tag link to add this tag to your query, click a right part of the tag link to remove it from your query.

Want to learn more? Pick up Search Cloudlet from the Firefox Add-ons website.

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