Clip and save any part of any webpage to your CoKnown projects. Drag & drop and resize clippings however you like on Pinboards. Keep things tidy with Project Tabs. Toggle to List view for notes and more. Collaborate with friends. Available everywhere.

Here are some of the things you can do with this amazing add-on:

    • Webpage Clippings
Save the best bits of any webpage
    • Smart Bookmarks (SmartMarks for short)
Save thumbanails, notes, quotes dates & more…
    • Integrated Project History
Backtrack fast! Your history is integrated throughout your Project
    • Go Social
Share on Facebook, Twitter & 300+ sites
    • email Projects
The easiest way to Share your Knowledge from your phone
    • Embedded Projects — Coming Soon
CoKnown Projects in your blog or site
Embed them just like you do YouTube videos
    • Friends
Multiple people can work on your Project
    • Research with Groups
Work & Share Knowledge with your group or business in real time
    • Full Permissions
Control what others (AKA CoSearchers) can do on your Project
    • Send out a Call for Help!
Help button lets you ask your network or Everyone for help

Want to know more about CoKnown? Check it out on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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