More In Content UI +

With More in Content UI + you can view interface in tabs (or sidebar) rather than floating window. It means that you can change default behavior of commands in Firefox and add-ons (menu items, toolbar button, etc.) from opening an interface in window to opening it in sidebar or tab.

Here are the supported windows:

  • Firefox Library (Bookmarks, History and Downloads). All ways to open Library are supported (including Downloads Panel and Downloads Complete notification)
  • View Page Source including viewing source of frames
  • Firefox Options (it uses built-in Firefox feature that is hidden in prefs)
  • Page Info
  • Scratchpad
  • DOM Inspector
  • DownThemAll!
  • ChatZilla
  • XUL editor, Javascript Shell from Developer Assistant add-on

Want to learn more about this add-on? You can check it out on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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