Record, bookmark and replay your browser activities in a snap with DéjàClick. Designed for Firefox, DéjàClick can handle the most complex websites – including AJAX, Flash, forms and more. With a single click you can repeat your most common tasks.

Here are the features of DejaClick:

  • One-button recording and bookmarking
  • Script variables and datasets for dynamic inputs
  • Keyword validations with mouse-over keyword selection
  • JavaScript validations and custom scripting login
  • Notes and annotations overlaid on recorded pages
  • Records interactions with Flash and other embedded objects (with DejaClick TrueScreen)
  • Toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • Sidebar with replay results and property editing
  • Statusbar with record/replay status information
  • Extensive configuration options and properties
  • Integration with AlertSite Business Transaction Monitoring service

Want to pick up this add-on? You can find it on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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