PictureFox inserts an imageflow gallery to any Amazon product. It scans for all available pictures and puts them into one gallery. This way they are a lot easier to browse through and check out.

Here are some of the key benefits over the regular Amazon gallery built into the website:

  1. High resolution pictures: no more “Zoom-Viewer” with ridiculous small viewing window. View high definition pictures (up to 6 Mega-Pixels) on many products without viewing restrictions!
  2. All customer pictures in one fast gallery. No endless click-throughs!
  3. Different colors, versions and the marketplace: PictureFox has them all!
  4. Fast, easy to use, sleek ImageFlow style!

It also works on all Amazon domains, shortens all Amazon links and displays a larger preview image when you hover over a link or image.  If you want to give this extension a shot, you can pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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