Fastest Search

This all-in-one search/browse/productivity boosting add-on could replace many top add-ons yet offers MANY unique features like regex, smart searchbox, multi-tab preview, and more. Ctrl-Shift-F activates a special FindBar more powerful than any browser/add-on.

Here are some of the features of Fastest Search:

  • Search plain text, whole-word, regular expression, in page(s) for current tab, all tabs or filtered tabs! Or one could search in tab title/url only (hold Alt key while pressing ‘Enter’ or clicking ‘Search’ in Search Panel to access tab restriction dialog (Alt key is required since v3.10). Hold Ctrl key to reverse the “In Tabs” setting on-the-fly in v3.22+
  • Matches from an all-tabs search are nicely listed and linked to the tabs and particular matches (see screenshot, v3.12). In v3.22+, Ctrl-click copies row text, Ctrl-Shift-click copies all rows.
  • You can restrict search to links only, or lists in tables only, or anything! Press Ctrl-Alt-T and follow example.
  • Reports count, distribution and context of matches with a Match Distribution Bar.
  • Use Ctrl-Shift-F or optionally Ctrl-F to open Search Panel, Find-as-you-type (FAYT) is also supported in Options! Use Ctrl-Alt-F to quickly turn FAYT on/off.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts are provided to toggle whole-word/regex/case-sensitivity of search easily. FAYT uses no longer need to open search tab.

Want to pick up Fastest Search? You can pick it up at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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