Toolbar panel with large icons for direct access to common actions for extensions, plugins and themes. Quickly access options, activation, uninstallation, application restart, details, home pages, review pages and donation pages.

Here are more details about this extension:

Extensor creates a toolbar panel that contains a large icon for each installed add-on. Hovering (or clicking) an icon brings up a panel that contains buttons for the actions that are available for the respective add-on. Potentially available actions are: 1) show details, 2) show options, 3) enable/disable, 4) uninstall, 5) show home page, 6) show review page, 7) show donation page, and 8) restart application. The toggle buttons at the top of the panel allow you to configure which add-ons are shown, how they are sorted and how they are visualized.

Want to learn more about Extensor? Check out more about it at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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