Prevent Tab Overflow

Do you enjoy tabbed browsing? Are you annoyed when Firefox is able to display just 7 or 8 tabs (and two scroll arrows) in the tab bar? This simple yet powerful add-on allows your tabs to shrink to a smaller size before going into overflow.

Here are some of the other things this add-on allows you to do:

  • Disable tab open/close animations – for quicker tab resizing
  • Hide blank tab favicons – save precious space for the tab title
  • Hide close button from active tab; OFF by default
  • Slimmer pinned tabs – may be very useful if you have lots of pinned tabs.
  • Dim pending tabs – easily identify unloaded tabs
  • Reduce Firefox button width – save precious space in the tab bar; OFF by default

Interested in learning more? You can pick up this add-on at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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