Price tracker with price history charts and watchlists for Amazon, Newegg, BestBuy, Target, Staples, HomeDepot, and dozens more. Don’t settle for price history from just a few stores!

Here are some of the features of PriceZombie:

  • Browse to a supported retailer’s site and click on the PriceZombie icon to see price charts.
  • Want price drop notifications? We’ve got it. Built into our tracker is a price drop tracker that lets you define the desired price point.
  • Price Zombie extension tells you at a glance if the price is the best currently available or if another supported PriceZombie retailer sells the same item at a lower price.
  • Want wish list import? The Price Zombie website has it. Why stop there? We continuously sync so its never out of date! Want screenshots to verify the price drop wasn’t a fluke or mistake? We’ve got them too.

PriceZombie is an easily installed, server side application that tracks the price history of millions of products in a wide variety of stores. Additional stores are added frequently.  Want to learn more about it? Check it out on the Firefox Add-ons website.

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