Location Bar Characters

Have trouble remembering the special characters that focus the location bar’s results? When you want to search only in bookmarks, or history, or open tabs, etc.? With this add-on they are only a right-click away in a context menu.

Here is more information about Location Bar Characters from the developers:

This add-on adds options to the context menu of the location bar (aka awesome bar) that allow you to easily insert the special characters that focus the search results ( ^ * + % ~ # @ ). For example, when you only want results from bookmarks ( * ), or history ( ^ ), or open tabs ( % ), etc.

While it is obviously quicker to just type them in, you may not remember all of them at first. This add-on helps you learn them by making it easy to use them. The more you use them the quicker you’ll learn them. Just right-click on the location bar and there they are. Once you can easily remember them you won’t need this add-on anymore.

Want to learn more? Check out this add-on at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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