Gives you a list of tabs in Most Recently Used (MRU) order. Triggered by Ctrl-Tab.

Here are the features of this super add-on:

  • Triggered by Ctrl-Tab or Alt-Tab (configurable)
  • Shift modifier cycles tabs in reverse order
  • Configuration available to set max number of tabs to be kept in the MRU list (default is 20)
  • Works across multiple windows – each window maintains its own MRU list of tabs
  • Focus of last used tab when current tab is closed

Supertab provides these features over the built-in functionality: a compact list of tabs (default of 20 tabs, this is configurable), the ability to assign the trigger key-combination to Alt-Tab on Macs and the ability to focus the last used tab when the current tab is closed.

Want to check it out? You can find Supertab at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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