Tab Deque

A Firefox extension for better tab handling. Inspired by Opera 12 and its Activate the last active tab setting, which is not the same as most recently used tab or last tab selected other extensions provide.

Check out these features of Tab Deque:

  • When a tab is closed, it is removed from the deque and will not be selected again. If it was the current one, the next one from the front of the deque is selected.
  • Opening a tab in the background adds it at the end of the deque, so it will be selected after all others have been closed or minimized.
  • Opening a tab in the foreground adds it at the front of the deque and it is selected right away.
  • Selecting a tab moves it to the front of the deque.
  • Clicking the currently selected tab minimizes it by default which means that it is removed from the deque and will not be selected unless you manually do it. However, you can set extensions.tabdeque.clickToBackground to true which moves the tab to the end of the queue instead of removing it. Thus, the tab will be selected once you’ve closed or minimized all other tabs.
  • If all tabs are minimized, you will see whatever you’ve got the browser.newtab.url preference set to.

Want to learn more? Check out Tab Deque at the Firefox Add-ons website.

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