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Use Gmail as Your Default Mail Application (Quick Tip)

There are a lot of Firefox features that don’t get much press, or are quickly forgotten about.  For example, did you know that you could switch to using Gmail or Yahoo! Mail as your default mail client (to handle those mailto links)? To chance your settings, go to Tools, Options and then click on the […]

Shrink the Left-Hand Links in Gmail

Wanting to save some space in Gmail, or perhaps you’re just tired of the text-based main links to browse around your e-mail account? The GMail Compactor user script will help you reclaim that space with style. As you can see, from the picture above, after you install this Greasemonkey user script, everything from your Compose […]

Add Gmail’s Unread Count to Your Tab

Want to quickly see how many unread messages you have in Gmail?  Well, with a little help from Firefox, Gmail and one creative userscript author, that can easily be done.  Gmail FavIcon Alerts 3 adds an unread message counter to the Gmail favicon in your browser. Along with the unread message count, you also get […]

Xoopit for Gmail

Need a personal assistant for your Gmail account?  It might not make you coffee, but Xoopit is the next best thing.  Xoopit for Gmail gives you the ability to get a lot more out of your e-mail inbox.  For example, you can quickly browse photos, files and videos.  That is the only places where Xoopit […]

Integrate Gmail with Everything!

I have seen my fair share of the add-ons for Firefox, or Greasemonkey scripts that promise to integrate Gmail with just about anything and everything.  They all have little flaws in them though, that keep me from wanting to use them all the time.  One new add-on that might change my mind is Integrated GMail, […]

Mashup Gmail with Google Calendar

GmailAgenda is an awesome new experimental add-on for Firefox that will integrate Google Calendar into your Gmail account.  No mater if your using a regular Gmail account or a Google Apps account – this should work for either one. As far as customization goes, you can change the embed width.  The Google Calendar embed can […]

Gmail Redesigned (plus some more neat features)

I have shown you before, the awesome Stylish user style Gmail Redesigned before.  The version two of this awe inspiring graphical facelift just adds to the greatness that was already there. There are three additional scripts you can add to Firefox though that promise to make it even more customized to suit your needs. Gmail […]

Compose a New Gmail Message in Firefox Sidebar

You should know I love the “Open a Tool in Firefox’s Sidebar” tips by now.  This one crossed my feed reader, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to send it to all of you.  With a ‘bit of a work around you can now open your “compose a new e-mail” link from Gmail in […]

Gmail Redesigned?

With a little help from the Stylish Firefox extension and a few create people, you can give just about any web site a new look – even Gmail. You have to admit, after years and years of pretty much looking at the same interface, don’t your eyeballs deserve to gaze at something new? One of […]

Add Google Reader to Gmail

Do you like to multi-task? Why check your e-mail and read your feeds in two different web applications when you can get it all done in one by combining the power of Google Reader and Gmail. Now I have talked before about the Gmail + Google Reader greasemonkey script before. After giving it another shot […]