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Remove the Resizer “Thingy” in Firefox

Why does Firefox have that little resizer corner thingy?  The one that rests in your status bar, on the far right side.  I am not even sure what to call it.  It has no point, because I can grab Firefox from all four corners to resize it to the size I want.  So the question […]

Quicker Web Searches with Searchy

Need a quicker way to search the Web? Searchy, a new experimental add-on for Firefox will allow you to do that in a very stylish and unique way.  Once you get it installed, just hit Ctrl+Shift+K to bring up the Searchy search box, then type in what you are looking for.  You will get the […]

Tweak up the Bookmarks Bar in Firefox

Tired of the way your Firefox bookmarks toolbar looks?  Here are some easy tweaks you can make, as long as you have the Stylish add-on installed. Gradient Background for the Bookmarks Bar Hide the Bookmarks Toolbar, Forever! Hide only the Folder Icons on the Bookmarks Toolbar Hide ALL Icons on the Bookmarks Toolbar Auto-Hide the […]

Borders for Search and Address Bar in Firefox

With the way I have my elements arranged inside of Firefox, using the default Firefox theme is a little hard to do.  Why?  It bugs me that there is no border around the address or search bars.  It just does not look that polished to me. See on the top and bottom?  It has never […]

Halloween Themes for Firefox

Halloween is on Friday, is your browser ready?  There are not many scary themes out there ready for my favorite holiday of the year.  Here are a few extra spooky ones though to get you through ol’ hallow’s eve.  Curl up with your favorite scary movie and enjoy! Need a few more dark and stylish […]

Combine Stop and Reload in Firefox

Tired of having the stop button taking up too much room in Firefox?  Well, you could remove it from the interface all together or hide it, until you need it.  The Smart Stop/Reload extension for Firefox will combine your stop and reload buttons into one. This is to save you toolbar space, plain and simple.  […]

Google Chrome Themes for Firefox

Want to dress Firefox up to look like Google Chrome?  It is ok to look at other browser’s themes from time to time.  That doesn’t mean your a cheater, it just means you like looking at new things every once in a while.  Chromiefox is a coat of “chrome” for Firefox.  Available for Windows, Linux […]

Gmail Redesigned (plus some more neat features)

I have shown you before, the awesome Stylish user style Gmail Redesigned before.  The version two of this awe inspiring graphical facelift just adds to the greatness that was already there. There are three additional scripts you can add to Firefox though that promise to make it even more customized to suit your needs. Gmail […]