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Turn Google a Little Blue, Just for YOU!

Feeling a little blue?  Google can too, thanks to this user style! The Google Web Search – dark blue redesign (vC) user style adds a ‘bit of blue to the otherwise white and bland Google background.  To use this style, you will need to install the Stylish extension for Firefox.  Also as the designer points […]

Rounded Square Themes of Firefox 3

Kozakura Inko has done a great job at porting both of these stylish themes over to Firefox 3, wouldn’t you say?  If you enjoy simple and rounded off squares – these two themes are the best you can get. Download the Unofficial Netstripe Theme! Download the Unofficial Dublin Theme! For more Firefox 3 themes, be […]

Add Some Color to the Awesome Bar

Is the awesome bar a little bland for you?  Firefox 3’s address bar seems to be something people either really love or love to hate.  Now due to a little creativity and the Stylish extension you can color it up a little ‘bit to help usability. This changes up how you use the awesome bar.  […]

5+ Awesome AwesomeBar Tweaks and Tips

Gotten use to the AwesomeBar yet?  This is the new stylish name for the Firefox 3 address bar.  Any ol’ browser can have an “address bar” only one can be awesome though.  Here are a few tips and tweaks you can do to make your awesome bar even more awesome…er? oldbar – Oldbar makes the […]

Gmail Redesigned?

With a little help from the Stylish Firefox extension and a few create people, you can give just about any web site a new look – even Gmail. You have to admit, after years and years of pretty much looking at the same interface, don’t your eyeballs deserve to gaze at something new? One of […]

Here Come the Firefox 3 Chrome Hacks

Well it was just a matter of time before a few of these started to roll out. While checking out a post over at Foxiewire, I found at least my first page of them. Eric Wendelin has posted a few chrome tweaks you can make to the browser. Just edit your UserChrome.css and insert his […]

Extero – Clean, Yet Different Theme

The Extero theme for Firefox is something mixed between a stylish vibe and a familiar face. TwisterMC is at it again with another off the wall – yet creatively inspiriting Firefox theme that I am sure more than a few of you will enjoy. Here is how he describes the theme: I tried to take […]

User Styles for Facebook

Who doesn’t like Facebook? I’ve got a profile there and I am sure you do too. While looking for ways to make my facebooking just a little ‘bit better I ran into these user styles created to work with the Stylish Firefox extension. De-MySpacify – Tired of all the user applications on Facebook? Say goodbye […]

Fix Google Reader Wide View in Firefox

Anybody else run into this issue yet? Seems like with the last round of Google Reader updates they broke the widescreen view in Firefox. After searching the Web for a solution or for others in the same boat at me – I couldn’t find much help. So what is a guy to do? Well I […]

Best of the Links – Firefox Edition

Yeah how would you like to be able to whip that out at your local mall? You’d have them gazing in awe of the awesomeness that if Firefox. Either that or they’d just say, “what’s that, your dog?”. Either way – you make a good impression. The same kind of impression all these links left […]