About Firefox Facts

Mitch Firefox Facts is a blog dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news, help and more as it concerns the Firefox browser, from Mozilla.

What is Firefox Facts?

Since 2006, Firefox Facts has grown from being a free eBook publish with the help of Chris Pirillo and Lockergnome to one of the most popular unofficial blogs about Firefox. In the Firefox Facts archives you will find over 1,600 posts covering these topics:

As of April 2010, it has over 7,324 RSS subscribers, 166,692 visits and 218,6284 hits per month.  The goal of Firefox Facts is simple.  I want to provide you with the most useful and entertaining content I can as it relates to Firefox and Mozilla.

Who is Mitch Keeler?

I am an avid fan of Mozilla and what they have done in the web browser world over the past few years.  My own background comes more from a customer support area, so I can relate with helping others learn how to use the Firefox browser, and I want to help people learn to customize Firefox to best suit their own needs. You can learn more about me and my other projects at MitchKeeler.com.

What Do I Do Now?

What, you are bored already?  Let me see if I can help to entertain you a little ‘bit more before you leave this page.  Many people ask me, "What is the best way I can stay up to date with everything published here?".   You should definitely bookmark this website, if you are a Firefox user.  Also, if you are subscribing to RSS feeds from other websites – you can go ahead and subscribe to this one too.

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I also want to thank all the people who come in an read Firefox Facts on a daily basis.  I really do appreciate all the page views you send my way, and it is my promise to everybody I will continue to publish the best Firefox Facts I can find.