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Browse Later

Looking at a ton of websites in multiple tabs, but run out of time to check them all out?  You could leave the browser open and come back later – but what if you just need to save the list of tabs and come back anytime you want? Chances are you are going to need the Browse Later extension for Firefox.

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Writes the current playing song from music sites to a text file and a XML file. The text file can be used with OBS, XSplit or similar software to display the song information in an overlay. The XML file can be used to add animations to your overlay.

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Time Restart

Time Restart is an interesting add-on for Firefox that will let you reset the browser at a set time everyday.  Sometimes if you keep Firefox (or any browser) running too long, you can see it slow down or become sluggish.  I think this add-on is a answer to that so that you don’t have to think about restarting to improve performance.

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