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Rainbow Color Tools

Rainbow Color ToolsIf you do a lot of website development or graphic art work, you might find yourself looking for specific shades of colors.  The Rainbow Color Tools add-on for Firefox will make that job easier. It extracts the color scheme from any website so you can get a closer look.

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Collusion – Track Your Cookies

Collusion ReviewCollusion is a very interesting add-on for Firefox, if you are interested in seeing how your data is tracked.  Privacy fans will love this extension because it allows you to see third-party cookies and how they track your movement as you browse from website to website.

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Old Default Image Style

Old Default Image Style in FirefoxWere you upset when Firefox changed the way it started to show regular images in the browser?  I don’t mean on a webpage, but when you look at a single image after typing it’s location into the address bar. Bug 376997 added a stylesheet to top-level images that forces the background to black and centers the image. This extension removes the stylesheet, returning the background to your configured default and removing the centering.

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Tab Wheel Scroll

Tab Wheel Scroll ReviewSwitching tabs in a hurry? Tab Wheel Scroll is a great add-on for Firefox that allows you to use the mouse’s scroll wheel to switch between open tabs in Firefox. It would be really nice if there was an option for switching tab groups when cycling over the Tab Groups button.  Aside from that, this extension is perfect.

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Replace Missing Favicons

IdentFavIcons Revew

You know what I find as an annoyance? Looking through my bookmarks – each one with it’s own favicon except those three at the bottom!  If you are as organized and seek balance as much as I do, I bet you have found yourself in the same boat.  Thankfully, IdentFavIcon will automatically generate favicons for those websites out there that do not have one.

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Textarea Cache

Text Area Cache ReviewWant to automatically save the text you type into any textarea in Firefox? Textarea Cache is a fantastic add-on for Firefox that lets you do it. This extension save the content of a WYSIWYG editor or textareas (like you see in the comments here). This is really handy if you do a long comment or post in one of these boxes and the browser  caches or the webpage dies.  Now you can bring your text back from the dead.

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Universal Print

Universal Print ReviewPrint all the tabs!

The Firefox extension, Universal Print, provides Firefox with four printing modes: print this tab, print all tabs, print select tabs or print preview.  These are definitely options I wish I had with the default Firefox installation. It is nice to know I can now print multiple tabs without having to jump to each one to start the process over again, and again, and again.

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Text to Voice

Text to Speech ReviewWant to give Firefox the power of speech? Text to Voice is a very cool add-on for the Firefox browser that lets you select text and have it spoken to you.  It is almost like we are living in the future, hu?  Select text, click the button on the bottom right of Firefox window and this add-on speaks the selected text for you. Isn’t it brilliant? Audio is downloadable.

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