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New AdBlock Feature: Not Helpful?


It seems there are a number of people upset about some of the recent changes to the AdBlock extension for Firefox.  Are you one of these users?  Personally – I’d rather you not use it here because that means I get no revenue for my hard work on Firefox Facts, but those are the breaks.

Check out this Reddit post to learn more about the new AdBlock feature that is bugging some folks.

Quickie: Firefox Flash Problem? Downgrade!

I have a real quick tip for you today, that should help more than a few of you having Flash problems with Firefox.  If you ever notice that Flash files or videos are not exactly working right – you might want to first update the RealPlayer.  You can download the latest version from

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NASA Night Launch

Great Free Firefox Dark Theme

The theme, NASA Night Launch, continues to be one of the most popular Firefox themes out there that you can download to your favorite browser.  Why is this the case?  Well, it is really one of the best dark themes for Firefox, second to none.

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Clear History for One Website in Firefox

Clear History in Firefox

Having problems with something working on one website you want to visit? Firefox allows you to clear the history for one specific website very easily.  It could be that temporary data or cookies for that website is causing you problems.  Here is how you can clear the history for that website.

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Looking for updates? This post on Mitchelaneous should help explain where I have been and when I’ll be back full time.  Enjoy!

Delays, Life, Love and Everything Between the 3

Would love to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions and general vibe as I kind of lay my year out on the line for the world to see.

Search for Text in Links

Firefox has a lot of helpful features we don’t always use or know about.  One of these that gets overlooked a lot is the Quick Find feature.  If you want to simply find a phrase that appears in a link on the page you are viewing, follow these simple steps:

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Uninstall Unwanted Toolbars in Firefox

Every so often, a program we install will substitute an unwanted toolbar or default search engine in Firefox and we do not want it there.  What is a Firefox user to do? All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and keep a few things in mind next time you install a third party program or visit an unfamiliar website.

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Don’t Load Tabs Until Selected

Don't Load TabsIs Firefox acting a little slow? There are several little tweaks and fixes you can do to speed the browser up or to change the behavior of the browser so things seem faster.  One of these that many people don’t know about is the option to not load up tabs until they are selected. 

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FVD Speed Dial

Want to keep all of your favorite websites within your immediate reach? Try out FVD Speed Dial.  This add-on for Firefox will save you time.  Gone are the days where you have to browse through a countless amount of bookmarks to find the page you wish to browse.  Everything is right there and in your face with this speed dial extension.

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